Rainbow Obsidian in The Morning Light


In August of last year I did a crystal post about Snowflake Obsidian. Today I am going to tell you about another form called Rainbow Obsidian. The obsidian group is fascinating to me because it isn’t considered a mineral but ‘its not necessarily a crystal either. The silica based magma cools so fast that it can’t crystallize, and forms the natural glass.

Obsidian is another crystal that has been in use for a very long time, so long that it is difficult to know just when it was first discovered and used. I did find a record of Pliny the Elder of Rome discussing in his Encyclopedia of Natural History,  a man named Obsidius finding natural glass in Ethiopia in AD 77. This is very interesting but I also read several articles discussing evidence that obsidian has been in use up to 4000 years ago. Because it is a natural…

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