Interview with ‘Blaze’ Star Ben Dickey

Life of an El Paso Woman

20180827_090814.jpgHi everyone! If you’ve been following the blog, I blogged about the ‘Blaze’ movie premiere I attended last week. If you missed the movie review, you can check it out here. Ethan Hawke and Ben Dickey will be in El Paso on Tuesday evening at the Alamo Drafthouse to promote ‘Blaze.’ ‘Blaze’ opens nationwide in September. Here’s my interview with Dickey below:  

Me: How did you and Ethan Hawke meet?

Ben: His wife but budding girlfriend at the time is my wife’s best friend. When they were falling in love, I knew his wife already. We met through their friendship. He’s from Texas and I’m from Arkansas. We bonded over the art and food we love. We both love southern foods and culture. One of the first times we met, I saw him perform. He just blew me away. I knew who he was and was always fond…

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