Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/27/18

What did your 15 year-old self imagine you’d be doing right now?

58 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/27/18

    • What made you think you’d be dead early? And you are the 2nd person so far to say at 15 you thought you’d be dead. I didn’t even consider death at 15 that I can recall.


  1. I always knew I would be a writer and I am. I wanted to go to New York City but that didn’t happen. I also thought I would be married with three kids. I’ve been with my boyfriend for five years and have one son. We are working on baby number 2. Lol.

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  2. Well…that is going back into some dusty files. Oddly enough I always imagined I would be divorced and remarried when I was “old” and that I would be financially able to retire and afford to ride horses. That is pretty much exactly where I am at age 69.

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  3. At 15 I was positive I would be a syndicated columnist. There was no question that I would go to school for journalism and would be a writer. Funny thing in a roundabout way I have become one! LOL! Only other thing was that I just assumed I would be married with children. The marrying part was right – just no (biological) kids. I have lots who have “adopted me” as another mother and I love it.

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    • If you are only 16, then you have your entire life in front of you. Take your time and don’t rush. Time is going to fly by so be sure to do the things you want to do. Growing up takes care of itself.

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      • There are a lot of things I want to do and hopefully if life is by my side then I’ll definitely do them. Thank you for this wonderful advice.😊

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