Sentidos Gastrobar, Starhill Kuala Lumpur


Hello lovelies…

Anybody here is a foodie like I do?

Living in Malaysia?

Well…this post might be perfect for you!

A few weeks ago, we were wandering around Kuala Lumpur City without any mission. Something that we rarely do as we hate the idea of being stuck in traffic jammed and be in the middle of the crowds at the KL malls.


After a few hours of walking in the mall, I started to feel hungry.

And of course, most of the restaurants were full house. It was lunch hours anyway…everybody’s getting hungry.

From hungry to hangry…that was how I felt at that time. So, we decided to go to Starhill, KL which is located next to the mall I went.

Less peoples came to Starhill, KL because there were limited stores in that mall and those stores are luxury brands (which cost a few month of my salaries…

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