If Interested…A Quick Healthy Living Update-8/28/18

If Interested…A Quick Healthy Living Update-8/28/18


If Interested, A Quick Healthy Living Update…

Two weeks ago I just went ahead and made the leap to stop eating animal protein.  I didn’t have a plan I stopped cold turkey (pun intended) and went with “jump on cliff, build wings on the way down” approach.  And so far I am better off for having done so.

Here are a few observations thus far…very few restaurants serve vegetables.  I had paid much attention to this phenomenon, but it is a fact that less than 5% of restaurants I’ve encountered serve more than 1 green veggie.  No wonder Americans only eat 2 servings per week.  Most serve 3 variations of potato and for those who were not aware, a potato is not a vegetable.

Observation 2…I feel better and have lost a few pounds.  My body feels better and I seem to be less tired at the end of the day.  Plus I am down to 181 pounds.  My weight goal is 170 by October 31st.

Observation 3…eating only veggies I do not experience the feeling of being bloated after I eat.  I never really feel “too full” as I have felt in the past.  Plus I can eat 3-4 massive servings of veggies for lunch and it might total 400 calories.  I know I am doing my body justice by eliminating the meat.

Observation 4…on the road I visit Golden Corral often which is a buffet restaurant I wouldn’t have ever visited prior.  The nice thing about GC is I can get lima, green beans, spinach, collared greens, okra and a small side salad.  Now that’s a lot of green vegetables!

All-in-all I feel a lot better after 2 weeks of veggies only and the transition has not be hard or difficult.  One advantage of my OCPD is when I make up my mind and change my rules, I can stick to something immediately and change my habits with zero struggle and zero fails.  Sometimes there are advantages to having a compulsive personality issue!

That’s it for today.  Hope you have an inspiring Tuesday!!



20 thoughts on “If Interested…A Quick Healthy Living Update-8/28/18

  1. That’s interesting to read. I see so many different vegan restaurants popping up that I feel like there is PLENTY to choose for people who do not eat animal sourced proteins. Maybe it just depends on where you live?
    I’m glad that you’re enjoying the change.

  2. Congrats on your progress! I’ve also found most restaurants don’t serve enough veggies. I’ve been on a healthy eating plan for years and I’ve almost stopped trying to eat out, except on a few special occasions. Most of the time, I just cook the food myself. Have you tried green smoothies? Those are great for getting enough veggie servings for the day. And mason jar salads are awesome for taking lunch to work. Keep up the good work!

  3. Congratulations, keep up the good work. I occasionally have animal protein. I mainly eat heaps of vegetables, some fruit, and fish. I have cut out nearly all dairy products, still have some cheese in moderation. I am completely gluten free. I feel so much better.

  4. I love how at the end you give a positive benefit to your ocpd. As someone with ocd, I’ll find ways to make it a strength that I can use as well. Well done on the change!

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