25 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/29/18

    1. I would like to say the same, but I am a different person at work than I am in my off time. I feel that I have to be the way to keep my professional life separate from personal.

  1. I try to be authentic without being dramatic. In other words, I show a part of myself that’s genuine, but tend to conceal everything else. So, I guess I haven’t been 100% “authentic” for years. I am only truly authentic with God, because He already knows it all anyway.

      1. Indeed, and much of “who we are” really is context specific, as in the issue of “work-life balance”, and certainly in intimate versus business relationships.

  2. What a great question. I think that I USED to be completely authentic, but once I really think about it, I realize that I still am. But the thing is that that authenticity is rather fleeing. It’s there as long as it is accepted. Once it starts being stomped on, it starts withdrawing. To me, it’s truly sad. It’s not that I am not “myself”, but I tend to be more distant, etc.

      1. I wouldn’t say walls, I don’t reveal my deepest darkest secrets to just any old person, but normally what you see if what you get, I am not one of these people who put all the happy moments up on social media, you get all of me, the good, the bad and the ugly

      2. I believe when we all analyze, we are rarely authentic because it requires trusting the people we are around. We hide a lot from people.

      3. I would say that I am unique subject in that case, I have little to hide, I rarely lie, like I say I am not going to reveal my deepest darkest secrets to the first person that comes along, maybe I am too trusting, but I doubt that as well

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