The One…

Cyranny's Cove


A soft breeze brushed on Vohne’s cheek, suddenly shaking him out of his sleep.

The last nights had been troubled, to say the least, and rest had been a stranger to the old young man. Everytime the moon rose in the sky, his senses hightened. He could feel every vibration in the room, every change of light, caught every cracking of the old wooden walls… And each time, he turned to check on her.

Vohne lovingly spooned Cibelle’s delicate silhouette, taking comfort in the reassuring warmth of her silky skin. He envied her peaceful rest. From time to time, he dozed off to the sound of her breathing, only to wake up again, haunted by the vision of her blood covered frail body.

She was stronger than him. He had suspected it, but now he knew… Her soul was far more powerful than his, yet, he held her like a…

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