44 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/30/18

  1. Something that I am passionate about. It can be me having a good time, but it can also be me working hard. As long as my brain is interested and engaged, time just flies by.

      1. My friend, if you don’t own a television you are missing out on one of the greatest boons man has ever invented. Take my advice and buy a television, it is the necessity of life. Kids like me won’t be able to survive without it. (dramatic gasp)

      2. You know what at the starting of this year my mum made the same decision and it was hell for me and my sibling.😑😐( OK I know I am being a little too dramatic but you get the idea).

  2. In general I would say blogging (although my blog has not have the attention over the last couple of months I gave it over the last years… totally neglected it…). At the moment it’s the training I have to do for a new role. So much to learn and I lose track of time because I’m so focused on the interesting content (and it’s so much to take in…)

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