37 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 8/31/18

  1. Can we make it up? I’d like to teach subjects like, “How to fall in love with Denmark” or “Erverything you need to know about Denmark (from a foreigner’s point of view)”… Jokes aside, I’d probably teach French. I love my language, and I’d like to help people learn it.

  2. Creative writing or journalism. I have considered getting certified as a teacher. The program is a year but already started. I have family members who are teachers.

  3. I would never want to teach in a school situation. Although I respect the work teachers do, I would rather teach something that allows people to grow into the best versions of themselves they can be. Schools don’t do that. I am currently teaching a Numerology class. This helps people grow.

      1. Numerology shows us a great deal about ourselves and our character. Like other forms of divination it will not show someone their future. That is not possible, every choice we make alters our potential future. Numerology shows us our life path, the skills we brought to this lifetime to help complete that journey, it shows us any karma we came to clear up and lessons we came here to learn. It’s really fascinating how accurate it is.

      2. Everything in the universe boils down to the math. Light is a frequency, a number. Sound is a frequency, a number. All energy, even us!
        We should always pay attention to numbers that keep showing up for us.
        1017 can be split to help understand the message. The number 1 is an individual, in this case you. 0 is the infinit possibilities of God. So you walking with whatever or whoever you call God. 17 is the number of sacrifice. This tells me you are sticking close to God through something that may be difficult for you. 17 can also be reduced to an 8 which would also apply for you. Eight is finding balance and strength.
        336 is awesome! 33 is the number of the Ascended Masters and 6 means 1 returning to God. The Ascended Masters are with you, guiding you back to and into a deeper understanding.
        Nothing is random, everything , means something. Colors, numbers, plants, clouds and animals, all have something to teach us

  4. I would teach acting students how to deal with being out of work. Seriously…they never teach that in drama colleges or university theater programs. And most actors have lots of times they are out of work. It is part of the business. It even can happen to actors who are established. So some training in how to survive that difficult workless time would be valuable to those who are training to be actors.

      1. I know not all guys are jerks. Well trust me my company is good and there are not a lot of guys in it but I get all this knowledge about guys by reading way too many teen fictions and hence my statement.

  5. I have taught..mathematics to be specific. Not just elementary stuff either, but advanced trig. I adored it. I have also “taught” classes on anger management, an alcohol class for minors in possession and dwi intervention. Yea, I know. Just pick a subject and stick with it, right? lol

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