The Responsibility of Being Inspirational.


At the horse show last weekend a woman came up to me and introduced herself. She was also competing at the show and told me how much she  enjoyed my blog as she could read the posts and say “Yes, I’ve felt like that.” She told me I was “inspirational”.  I was so happy to hear this from her. But it reminded me that in 2016 during the Paralympics I had read of some para-athletes who were not happy being “inspirational”.

At the time I read some articles about this. It seemed that the para-athletes wanted to be just regarded as ordinary athletes. I couldn’t understand it. Athletes, able bodied or parallel who make it to the Olympics are not “ordinary”. All of them have sacrificed and slogged through the hours of training, setbacks, and challenges. These are all super athletes even if they never stand on a podium.  To…

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