Was It Better Back Then?

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I was doing a bit of research for this book thing and I wanted a T.V. programme from April 1974. Amazingly you can view copies of the T.V. Times from years ago. I guess if your not British or you’re not ‘old’ you haven’t a clue what I am rattling on about. It was a magazine that contained ITV programmes listings, you had to buy the Radio Times if you wanted to know what was on BBC. Bear in mind we only had three channels BBC 1 and 2 and ITV. No Freeview or Netflix back then. In fact we didn’t have a video recorder never mind Blockbusters.

T.V. TimesOn further scrutiny though I realised that on Saturday alone we had The Fabulous World of Skiing, The Saturday Morning Film, The Woody Woodpecker Show and an afternoon of Sport, complete with ‘All in Wrestling’ and the old ladies who regularly rushed…

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