Spontaneous Moments & Fender Benders – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

DanVenture Travels

When traveling, doing things spontaneously is part of the journey & these things tend to be some of the most memorable. Sometimes you decide to do these things, other times these things are decided for you. This was one of the times when things were completely out of my control.

I was connecting through the airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia & I had a layover of just under 2 hours. Things started going downhill just before take-off of the flight going to Addis Ababa, bad weather closed the airport & we sat in the plane waiting to take-off for over an hour & a half. I thought we would make up some time en route & I would still make my connection – we didn’t & my next flight left without me.

The airline put me on the next available flight which was a good 20+ hours later; they also…

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