Street sentences – for lonely people #fowc

The rebel fish

The job I used to do was to design a  project to bring communities together.

Often,in modern life, people don’t really know their neighbours and I wondered if there was a way to bring them together.

If there was a simple way I could make people smile.

The idea I had was so tantalizing that my tanticles were bouncing out all over the place.

In England  there are many streets with only a few houses in them.

My method : –

Write a single word on the back of a postcard.

Send a different word to each house in the street.

So that all the words if put together would form a sentence.

People would be compelled to meet their neighbours, as their desire to know what the sentence was would be so overwhelming.

I put a web address on the postcard, so the word could be entered online,and the…

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