Fit by 50 – Week 47: I’ve ‘HIIT’ a bend in the road, but I’ll keep going.

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I’ve got good news and bad news… First the good news: I’ve officially lost 3.2 pounds in 3 weeks, which means I’ve lost the three pounds I gained between week 49 and 50…  The bad news: I’m still 2.8 pounds behind schedule. Yes, that’s right, despite losing weight over the weekend AND despite following my plan exactly, I somehow GAINED .8 pounds this week.

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So, here’s my plan…

In order to get things back into balance, I need to lose 8.8 pounds over the next 6 weeks, which I’m rounding to 9 pounds. My plan is to continue to make my weight loss goal for 1.5 pounds per week for the next 6 weeks . The goal will be to lose 9 pounds by October 11, 2018 – 6 weeks from today, That’s the plan…however, as the old saying goes, man plans, God laughs. So, we shall see!

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Benefits of HIIT…

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