20 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/3/18

  1. I’m borrowing from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophies.” However, since I’m going to be cremated, might as well through in the whole play. (-:

  2. I have no idea, not even sure I care. I certainly won’t be in any position to care when the time comes. But, it reminds me of a story.

    After many years of trying to have a child, a French couple finally succeeded in producing a son. They were so happy, the named him “Formidable”. Well he was actually rather small and unremarkable and was always teased about his name. When he was dying, he told his wife he did not want the name on his tombstone, but she could put anything else there she liked. So, she put on it, “Here lies a man who was always faithful to his wife.” Ever after, passers by were hear to say, “Sacre Blue! C’est Formidable.”

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