When You Know the Right Thing To Do, But You Don’t…

When You Know the Right Thing To Do, But You Don’t…


When You Know the Right Thing To Do, But You Don’t…

We have all been in a situation where we are trying to make a decision or a friend asks for advice and the right choice is obvious.  Often times the right thing to do is right in front of us we just don’t want to admit it or the right choice means going down a difficult road.  This happens often in sales and usually has something to do with us screwing something up and we have to call the client and admit our mistake.  Some reps want to hide details or even pass along the blame to a “corporate” mistake.

Doing the right thing should always be the first choice.  It isn’t always the easiest route and it isn’t always the most comfortable choice, but it should always be the choice.  When you know the right thing to do but you don’t do it then you bring in a whole new set of issues and problems.  It’s almost like opening Pandora’s box.  Then once the box is open you realize it would have been easier to just do the right thing from the beginning.

So here’s my policy…always do the right thing no matter what.  People will have more respect for you in the end.



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  1. Agreed! I was in sales for a very long time. One thing about me that my clients could count on was if I made a mistake I would admit it. My philosophy has always been “do the right thing always”. I fought this attribute that at times wasn’t well received by employer on many occasions. In the end I walked away from my position for this very reason. The manager at my job was billing our clients for ads that never published. He was implementing ads that had never been authorized by my clients, publishing them and demanding payment. Finally after receiving so many calls from my clients and being told by my manager to lie I walked in to his office and told him I was going to quit. I told him I had to look at my clients in the face and I refused to do it by cheating them and lying to them. I’ll never forget what he said. “You will never make the kind of money you make here”. I looked at him and said “you’re right but I refuse to compromise my integrity for a buck”. I walked away from my career that day. That man prevented me from finding a job. He prevented me from even receiving unemployment benefits. I’ve not been able to find a job since. Of course Cancer happened. Life happened but I have never looked back without knowing I did the right thing. I respect myself for that

    1. There are a lot of shady people in the world and in the marketing world. I have heard horror stories like yours from friends who work for other companies. It is a shame.

  2. And there’s always someone watching your choices especially when you are on the job. Choosing the quick or less than honest route has consequences you can’t always see.

      1. Yes, showing a degree of character which is in rare supply. I meet so few people who have any character that I think it’s on its way to extinction.

      1. I didn’t say you were wrong Danny.. it’s always the best policy to do what is right. Even though the consequences are usually high.. and sometimes embarrassing..

        I was just saying.. it’s not as easy for some to do because of fear of losing face…

        Or looking bad for making such a boo boo

  3. Rarely does doing the right thing yield instant gratification. What it does bring you is peace of mind. Always do the right thing. Easy to say, but not easily done. Trust your gut and get a good night sleep.

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