Caution, Your Actions Can Hit You Like a Boomerang!

Caution, Your Actions Can Hit You Like a Boomerang!


Caution, Your Actions Can Hit You Like a Boomerang

A few years back Evelina worked part-time for this furniture store in Charlotte.  I was operating my vintage furniture business then and this guy (we will call him John) was one of my clients.  He mentioned to me that he needed reliable help selling in the store so I recommended Evelina.  It was a great part-time job for her while she finished law school and he paid her commission on sales which was really nice.

But as Evelina became more involved in his business she learned some things about his business practices which made us both hesitant.  First, he was not paying taxes.  Second, he was paying all of his employees under-the-table wages.  And, third, his store was not up to code for some of the painting and varnishing work being conducted.

At any rate the guy turned out to be someone we didn’t want to associate so Evelina quit and I stopped selling him furniture.  Which at the time was a big deal as he was my largest buyer, sometimes buying 30 pieces of furniture per month.  But for us the decision was an easy one.  Of course he refused to give Evelina her final paycheck and we didn’t choose to fight the battle, just wanted him out of our lives.

I tell you this because yesterday I got curious and looked him up on Facebook.  What I found didn’t surprise me.  His FB business page was shut down and as of July he was out of business.  Several local television news channels had run stories on him because he closed his doors while owing a lot of people money for inventory and owing customers money and product.

We filed a complaint years ago with the local tax office explaining to them that he was not paying taxes, but nothing was ever done.  I was a bit annoyed at this because I wanted vindication.  I wanted bad things to happen to this guy.  I know I’m not supposed to think like that, but I was mad and I’m being honest.

Now his actions have come around and hit him square in the forehead like a perfectly thrown boomerang!  He is being investigated by the Department of Justice which was a huge shock to me and lets me know he was doing some pretty shady things to get in that much trouble.

It just goes to show that it is better to conduct yourself with integrity than to cut corners and treat people poorly.  I hope he ends up in jail because he deserves to serve time.



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  2. It’s not always easy or profitable to do the right thing. And it takes courage. You protected Evelina from a morally corrupt man and demonstrated integrity and civic responsibility. It’s right to be angry with people who cheat.

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