28 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/4/18

  1. Probably when I bought tickets to a show in Copenhagen when I knew I wouldn’t make a couple of days long trip in the middle of February to attend it. When I told my best friend, she offered to come with me, half joking. And I ended up giving her a quick tour of Denmark during the worst time of year! Priceless 🙂

      1. Not a lot, no. Nothing near what we’re used to here 😉 But it snowed pretty much everyday we were there. The cold was biting, because of the humidity in the air. We don’t regret it at all, but I wouldn’t recommend to go in February for people who are visiting Denmark for the first time LOL

  2. Oh lord. Where do I begin? Doing a run on a portion of the Colorado on an inner tube, bungee jumping off a bridge in Idaho, buying a farm, going to New Orleans for a Grateful Dead concert then staying, etc, etc, etc. The list is endless.

      1. Yeah. Yeah, I did. It was awesome. Until I got flipped off it and had to maneuver myself into an eddy. I really shouldn’t be alive, honestly. I must be part cat, because I’ve used up at least 6 of the 9 lives. 😃

  3. I bought two tickets way ahead for a “Fantastic Negrito”show in Denver. When the time came I couldnt get a ride. Because it was in a club in a different part of town, no snobby relatives would buy them from me. My grandson wasn’t 21 at the time so he couldn’t go either. Never again. I’ll just have to admire these people from afar.FN said, “get that lady an Uber” which I thought was cute.

  4. My goodness, there are so many! lol Starting a blog and a writing career after being diagnosed with Lupus, RA, and Cancer, I guess. Now all I have to say is “gone, gone, gone.” I’ve beaten them all. I’m your biggest cheerleader!

  5. Danny, that’s like asking me to pick my favorite child (in front of them). Or: In my opinion, or somebody else’s, and who? The trouble is caught in the phrase, “seemed like a good idea at the time”.

      1. The story of their adventure begins with my cousin having a cold so my uncle and aunt decided to take him to a doctor. By the time they reached the clinic in Indian style(Indian style means we are always late for important things) the doctor had already left the clinic and gone home. So they decided to go and eat golgappas (Golgappa can be described as a crisp fried sphere which is filled with flavoured water containing tamarind, sugar, spices, mint and chickpeas and it is very spicy as Indians have a thing for spicy treats) but unfortunately the golgappas that day did not taste very well which was a cause of disappointment. Next while they were going back home they met a friend on their way so all four of them decided to go to a movie but instead of going to the theatres they decided to go a little further and ended up reaching Shimla which is a hill station. So without their belongings they were their in Shimla for 10 days with only the clothes which they bought from a local market in small bags.

        They had even forgotten to keep the milk in the refrigerator and it had obviously been spoilt when they reached home.

        So it wasn’t exactly but kind of an idea.

  6. *Cracks Knuckles* stand aside, this is my question.

    There was that time I spent the rent money on a fantastic trip to London.
    That time, I got stuck in London and spent over £200 on a taxi
    Getting married
    Getting divorced
    Anytime, I have been drunk
    working 6 jobs at once
    I could continue

      1. I might have suffered sleep exhaustion, but I was rich.

        If I remember correctly, I had a full time job monday to friday, friday night I would work in a chippy till 10, then over to a nightclub from 10-2, Saturday was in retail 9-5 then 5-8 at the chippy 8-11 at a pub and then 11-2 at the nightclub, then sunday I was a cook 10-2, oh I also did occassional work during the week in the evenings for either the chippy, the pub or a different pub, as and when they needed me. I was young and stupid,

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