Deliciously Spicy Chicken Jalfrezi


So you guys know I tried the whole vegetarian routine for 1.5 months and loved it so so much. It cleared up my skin, sped up my metabolism and made me feel so energized and healthy overall. But in Ramadan, it got harder and harder to maintain that routine, considering I needed all the protein I could get to keep me going the whole day.

So now, I’m back to being a strict carnivore and I come bearing a recipe for my favorite chicken dish, the old-fashioned chicken jalfrezi. This tomato based spicy curry will leave you craving more once you get a taste. I usually don’t like dry chicken dishes (unless they’re hot wings, then yes please), but this recipe goes great with some freshly baked naan bread and cooked basmati rice. Hope you enjoy!



Serves: 4  Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour  Total Time:

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