43 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/5/18

  1. The most embarrassing thing I have ever worn was a pair of tennis shoes from Family Dollar when I was in the 8th grade. They were called Panthers and cost $8. Then, my stepmother went and bought my younger sisters a pair of Reeboks and Nikes respectively.

  2. My mother’s high heels for induction into the National Jr. Honor Society. They were two sizes two big and I had tissues stuffed in the toe of each. I was walking down the steps to the library where the parents were seated and my heel slipped out from under me, causing me to kick one of the high heels out into the audience, complete with the tissues in the toe flying up into the air. My mom was sticking her elbow into my dad’s rib cage to get him to stop laughing so hard as I fell on my rump on the step below me. No, I’ll never live that one down.

  3. As a child, my parents didn’t have a lot of money, and we often got cousins’ second hand clothes or clothes given by Churches’ charities. I was a chubby girls, and around 10 or 11, I received a pair of pregnant woman pants with a patch of stretching fabric in the front. I remember I was sooo embarassed to wear them, but my grand mother insisted that with a long shirt, it didn’t show, and how very “comfortable” they were! I absolutely hated them pants!!

  4. A short skirt that I accidentally had tucked in my pantyhose after using the restroom at the mall in San Francisco. I walked through the entire mall until I walked in to a hair salon. A woman walked up to me and kept tapping. Annoyed I finally asked “what’s up?” She whispered softly “Maam your skirt is tucked in your pantyhose and everyone can see your butt”. I felt my face hot and I knew it was red. I had no reply other than “thank you”. Hence….the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever worn. I never wore that skirt again. The memory was so traumatic! Lol

      1. Lol. Well no I didn’t leave. I just said thank you. Pulled my skirt out of my pantry hose and had the nerve to get my haircut lol. I still remember that day. It was so embarrassing. I never wore that skirt again lol

  5. 🦋 As a child by hair was big so my mother always chopped it off at the shoulders. Every year for class photos she would put the biggest ribbon she could find into my hair then tied it into the biggest floppiest bow she could. From Kindergarten to 5th class I have photos to prove it. After that I refused. I never put ribbons in my own daughter’s hair and I hide my school photos.

  6. Growing up, I was not allowed to wear jeans. They were considered the garb of blue collar workers and juvenile delinquents. So, it wasn’t so much being embarrassed by something I wore, as by something I didn’t. Finally, I got to college and bought jeans.

  7. Wearing a witch’s costume at my cousin’s Halloween themed birthday even though the rest of them were dressed in their formals and casuals including the birthday boy. So going around the place with a makeup emergency plastered on my face wasn’t the best moment of my life.

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