Why they keep calling me mwendawazimu(crazy). 1.

The elephant in the room


Its sad that people still deal with mental health issues in secret here in kenya. why do they prefer not coming out you ask?,because people with mental illnesses are referred to as “wendawazimu” meaning crazy. why are they referred to as like this?simple.. Lack of awareness on mental health.
Mental health is as much of an important factor in the health sector as is martanity care . Its quite disheartening to see how much awareness, initiatives and effort is geared towards that other sectors and none towards mental health. The cases of men burning alive their families,women poisoning their kids to death even slaughtering them,suicudal cases and domestic violence are so rampant these days and a huge factor to this is mental Illness.
Research shows that motive towards Suicide, arson, murder and the like is highly psychological.

Mental illnesses are diseases that cause disturbances to a persons thoughts and…

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