I Struggled This Week and I’m Not Sure Why


I Struggled This Week and I’m Not Sure Why…

My company instituted a travel ban for all non-essential trips.  This happens occasionally as we draw closer to the end of a quarter so it wasn’t exactly a surprise and it has given me some type to recuperate.

But this week I was able to travel and I spent time in 2 different cities.  The odd thing is that I was out of rhythm a bit and didn’t sleep well, which means my days felt a bit longer.  Yesterday I was back in my hotel room around 4:30 pm and hopped in bed and never moved!

If you have ever spent time traveling you understand how incredibly important a good night’s sleep is and how lack of sleep can impact your focus tremendously.  The other thing that I find important for me is to have a routine so that I can build a sense of normalcy.  Checking in and out of several hotels each week can feel like you are caught up in a tornado at times and having a solid routine helps me feel grounded.

With that said I powered through and now I am home for a few days before I pack up again and hit the road.  I love being home with Evelina and Bentley and there is nothing that could ever replace the feel of home and my own pillows!

I don’t have any lessons or deep thoughts for this week except to encourage you to tell those in your life how much you love them.  I had a high school friend die last week from complications from a “routine” gall bladder removal.  She was only 46 years old.

I cannot imagine what her husband and kids are going through.  Have a wonderful Friday my friends.


18 thoughts on “I Struggled This Week and I’m Not Sure Why

  1. Sorry to hear about your friend and the gall bladder removal. I had mine out last year and it as such a simple procedure. But we never know what the day will bring. Live and enjoy the moment. I am on the road to the Carolinas next week. I will be on my own as my husband is not able to come. He had a health issue last week and is fine now but best not to travel to the US. I am breaking the trip up into a 3 day journey so I can arrive fresh and calm for my media work at WEG. Best wishes for good sleeps to you Danny.

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  2. I empathize with you regarding travel. I spent many days during my career checking in to too many hotels to remember them all. Hope for a permanent travel ban!

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