Carbohydrates: good, bad or both?

flexibly nourished

The word “carb” has become synonymous with sugar. It’s almost a dirty word. This is why many people have this ‘carbs are bad m-kay” mentality.

In fact, people the world over are cutting out all carbs in the name of health. You don’t need to though. You really can have your wholemeal bread & eat it too!

what exactly is a carbohydrate?

Carbohydrates can be divided into 2 categories based on their chemical composition: simple (sugars) & complex (fibre & starches). How they behave in our bodies differs depending on which category they fall into.

complex carbohydrates

These are starches and fibre & are really important to both energy levels and good digestion.

Starches are found in cereal products, legumes (beans/lentils), & root vegetables (potatoes). They often supply the major energy-producing component in most of our meals.

Generally speaking, if you stick to wholemeal varieties (the word ‘whole’ must be…

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