Skipping Memories

The Mahdheebah Blog (TMB)

In the wake of dawn Something evoked a dimple on my face just when I thought I lacked one. The simplicity of two teenage Hausa girls in the Southern part of Nigeria, adjusting their exquisitely tide wrappers and head gear, frequently picking up the shawls from falling off their nearly shrunk teenage shoulders. Their birth names I detectively uncovered to be Fatima and Fauziya. Their chatter is a tad bit noisy but the cocky smile on their faces is pure innocence when one of them says to the photographer who they had walked under the heavy downpour to meet, ” Uncle, we wan take picture, how much? and when the man replies “na 250 naira for one copy” they faintly reply “We get only two hundred’ abeg help us”, instantly the photographer replies with a firm NO!. In a split second, it all goes from smiles to a dejected look…

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