The Construction Workers of San Francisco, 2018

Art by Rob Goldstein

A Labor Day Tribute

Construction workers doing road repairs in San Francisco Sharing a joke

Here are a few of the people who build the towers and repair the roads.

A San Francisco Construction worker stands in the back of his truck. Standing in the Truck

A construction working on the corner of Hayes and Fillmore Hayes and Fillmore

A San Francisco construction worker directs traffic Directing Traffic

Two construction workers building a roof On the roof

a Construction working mounting a scaffold Fillmore at Haight

Construction workers on a scaffold, one eats a candy bar Break Time

Two San Francisco construction workers peer into a manhole Looking into the hole

A San Francisco Construction worker on a site In the Frame

Theree San Francisco Constrruction workers at Fillmore and Haight Street repairs

A Panoramic view of the San Francisco skuline with a crane in the centger The San Francisco Skyline, 2014

(c) Rob Goldstein 2018

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