21 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/11/18

  1. I was at work. Happened to be seeing a patient in-room that morning, and she had her tv on in the background. The network broke in with a special report saying a plane had hit one of the towers. At that point, it was still thought to maybe be an accident. Watching the coverage, with smoke and flames billowing out of the first tower, when all of the sudden the second plane hit. At that point, it was obvious something was up. Then news of the Pentagon came. It was surreal. Then the story of the flight that went down in PA. The calls made from the plane. It’s all still heartbreaking. As it turned out, a guy I went to high school with was on the plane that hit the first tower. He, his partner, and their adopted child were flying from Boston to San Francisco. All that tragedy, parents, children, spouses gone. And for what? What did any of it accomplish? Senseless murder. Still makes me sad and angry and confused. Just makes no sense.

  2. I was in the teacher’s lounge at school while my kids were at PE. I got a call from my daughter’s CO asking me to tell her to report to base now. I turned on the television and saw the second one hit. My daughter left that day and was overseas for years fighting.

  3. Waking up and heading into a college class; it was my late day at work. I was just numb. Class was held, but the mood wasn’t the same. I then drove to work. My desk was near the supervisor’s. Everyone was asking if I was ok; I was the only New Yorker they knew. They were asking how my family was. Luckily, we lived a few hours outside of NYC. However, my mom had called because we had friends in the city. My childhood best friend was working in the second tower. We were in limbo on her status. Later, we found out she was able to get out and was safe. I left work within an hour of arriving at work. I was physically sick. Listening to the radio, everyone kept coming up to me; it was just too much.

  4. I was at work. It was in the early days of receiving news bulletins via email and the reporting started out saying a small plane hit a building in New York. It then turned into the horror that we all remember. Gradually, televisions were rolled into the work area and we say the second tower get hit and the buildings go down. Everyone looked at each other and the building eventually began to empty. I went and got my kids from daycare and went home. I remember being nervous for a while every time I heard something flying in the sky. I had to travel to New York about a year after it happened and remember my sadness when I saw the cavity where the buildings used to be in the Manhattan skyline. I will never forget this tragedy.

    1. It really changed our world forever. The funny thing is I remember sensing that things would never be the same when the events were unfolding. It still feels that way today. 🙁

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