Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/12/18

How often do you clean your house?

50 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/12/18

  1. Hmmmm how do I answer this without sounding chauvinistic? OK there are pink jobs and blue jobs in our household (not my idea) Cleaning is a pink job – the reasons – now this is taken on good sound advice from an expert (that’d be the Princess) Apparently I am totally useless at cleaning, ironing, washing and making a bed, as such I’m not allowed 😂 But it is done once a week and in my defence when we had a cleaner she cleaned the house before the cleaner arrived. 😂

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  2. Fun question, I stopped in out of curiosity as to what answers you might get. I suppose the answer would really depend on what the question really is. Since I’m an over thinker my thoughts go rambling away. Do you mean the actual house? Like roof, gutters, bricks etc? The inside of the home? The carpets? We (everyone living here) cleans our home on an “as we go” basis. The idea being, if everyone cleans up after themselves and maintains their areas of use, then the home will never be dirty. In other words, clean the clean and there won’t be no dirt. Bwah haha we get mixed results depending on who lives here. Then we get into “definitions of clean” etc. I have a “homes are for free expression not good impressions” attitude, so my version of clean might drive a neat freak nutz.

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  3. 🦋 Confession here…rarely.

    We have a cleaner. We hired her 5 years ago when my Dad moved in. She mostly looked after his room and the only bathroom we all shared but she was too good and reliable to let go especially with my painful back, surgeries tfollowed by rehab last year after Dad went into a nursing home. We’ve decided to keep her on, less often though, until there’s no more regular income….of we move north, whichever occurs first. 😉

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  4. I clean as life allows. Some days it’s sweeping downstairs because I have an extra 10 minutes before work. Sometimes it’s starting the laundry on the way out the door and drying it upon my return. I will say, pets make you a better housekeeper. How my dogs are bald is beyond me. I could stuff pillows with all they shed. They also like licking the floor, so I mop when I get 10 minutes to keep them off the floor. My house fell apart during chemo treatments. Partly because chemo is a b*tch. Other times, barely making it through work, til I could get home to my bed was all I could manage. Some days I can clean for hours other days, 15 minutes will have to do. Life goes on. The house doesn’t care.

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