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  1. Yep. When I was a kid, we had to ride out Hurricane Frederick in Mobile, AL. It wasn’t a huge storm, but it was a wild ride. After that, I don’t think I’d ever stay through one again. And with our frequency of being in New Orleans and Mississippi, I’m acutely aware of the devastation that can happen. 13 years later, and things still aren’t back to normal. Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

      1. Nope. It’s much more gentrified than it ever was, but even in MS, a bunch haven’t even bothered to rebuild. They just don’t want to have to deal with it again or the insurance companies (State Farm especially) screwed them. Still the poster child for how NOT to handle disaster relief. 😡

      1. I did. Gulfport, Mississippi. Destroyed our home and there were no roads. Lucky for us we had driven to my parents in Brookhaven, south of Jackson. We were fortunate the hubby had family in Oklahoma so we came and stayed.

      1. It was rocking and rolling and we called it land surfing. When I got outside when the shaking stopped, I saw the program’s big passenger van still bouncing all four wheels off the ground. We had 19 kids there, most of them from the SF Bay area, all worried about family, specially one girl whose mother would have been heading home from work about that time across the Bay Bridge which was reported to have partly collapsed. Of course the phones and power were out for days. I didn’t get home for three days because other staff were unable to get in and the main roads between Watsonville and Santa Cruz were damaged.

      1. The tornado because I heard something outside and so I went to the door and couldn’t see anything because it was at night. I wasn’t told that it was a tornado until the next day. I went outside and saw all kinds of debris everywhere. I walked a little and saw the path of the tornado. It was very close but had shifted a little before it got to me.

      1. There’s been so many hurricanes since I’ve lived in NJ and NC- most notably Hugo, Fran and Floyd, now Florence. 2 tornadoes and one wildfire ( the ones last year raging through the mountains of NC- so much lingering smoke in our house all my plants died)

  2. Although it can get very hot here in the desert (105-110 degrees in the summer), thankfully no. Some parts of town get flooded here but nothing like Hurricane Harvey or Katrina. We have sunshine around 300 days out of the year. I would not do well in a city where it rains or snows a lot. Lol.

      1. It’s about the same as here. Albuquerque and Santa Fe are about 10 degrees cooler than here. There’s some colder parts up north but they don’t really have natural disasters either.

      2. Yes I did. I remember you saying you wanted to go to New Mexico. You should when you have the chance. I lived in Albuquerque for a year and Las Cruces for 8. Abq is a weird place but I like going for concerts, other events. My boyfriend has an aunt there so we go.

      1. Not quite sure if it was a storm or hurricane, It was sometime in 1982-83 I guess, in Gujarat. Actually I was very happy with the wind lashing out, I was in school then and enjoyed unusual stuff. Now I know how difficult it can get for many people.

  3. Yes, an earthquake three years ago but it was a very mild one. I was in school (class 8) when all the desks and chairs started shaking. It was the first time we experienced a natural disaster, all my classmates got so excited that we termed it as an ‘adventure’. We even got to go home early so all of us thought that we should have these kind of ‘adventures’ once in a while. We were dumb!

  4. Several minor earthquakes in Christchurch and Napier New Zealand. I once was caught in a flood in Te Awnaga Hawkes Bay New Zealand…..had three children under the age of 5 , we were rescused in 20 ft boat at 2am.

  5. I forgot to mention when I was living and working in the outback at St George South West Queensland the township was floooded three times in 22 months. The worst thing that annoyed me were mice plagues, sandflies and mosquitos.

  6. I live in Florida so hurricanes and tornadoes are a common occurrence. In our 23 years here we’ve evacuated once and have had flooding from two hurricanes that didn’t reach our house but made it impossible to get out of our neighborhood for a few days. Still, I haven’t had to shovel snow.

  7. I have lived through just about every natural disaster that can be named. Tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, mud slides, floods, hurricanes. Tornadoes are the worst IMO.

  8. I’ve been lucky. I’ve been through hurricane’s but we were so far inland, it was just downpours and once I had to call off work because I wasn’t driving in it. Several years ago, my home in NY was hit bad by a hurricane. The willow tree that I grew up with was uprooted and some minor damage. They had no power for a bit.

  9. Yes, I was born and raised in Florida so I’ve gone through hurricane Andrew in the 90’s all the way through hurricanes Charlie and Wilma that devastated Southwest Florida. We never evacuated and have been without power for over 10 days. To survive, you prepare the best you can, say a prepare and bunker down. It’s terrible! I hope soon God’s Kingdom will rid this world f natural disasters like these (Mark 4:37-41, Revelation 21:3,4).

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