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Life began in innocence
What’s wisdom, without experience?
Without knowledge, mind is delirious
What the spirit is, no one will remember this
Once upon a time didn’t exist
And before light was born there was an abyss
And so heaven reached out, and gave them a kiss,
And Death, out of jealousy, aimed at the heart its sorrow , but it missed
Love will cause a drift
Behold, Change! the big shift
You’d dare venture the edge, the steep cliff?
It may be living that they all dread
Not much of it to be done, but much of it to be said
Before opposites were wed,
Balance was dead
And from that void of instability,
Equality rose like bread
Oh mighty Sun, We praise the light ye shed
Mankind is the god that bled.
It was From himself that he fled
Only thought moves faster than light
Ones self is…

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