Avoid The Dangers Of The Personal Development Industry: Michael Davidson of Feelhappiness.com


I’m a huge advocate of personal development. My collection of self-help books, pamphlets, and magazine articles lifted from the various offices (too cheap to purchase it for one page!) date back 30 years. I was finally motivated to restructure my DNA after children entered the frame. Although neglect was never an issue, my value system wasn’t a tradition I wanted to hand down. A strength is that even when I have a difference of opinion, I’m willing to approach yours with an open mind. I will also share your point of view if it makes sense and is fact-based. This article, even though several years old, falls into that category. It’s an interesting (but extremely long!) read and included several valid points even though my conclusion wasn’t altered by his opinion. Personal development should be a mandatory event before certain people are let loose in public.

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