Hurricane Florence Update: Pineville, NC

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Quite a few people have emailed asking if Evelina and I were safe so I thought I’d post a quick update.

So far, so good.  Hurricane Florence has absolutely stalled and is barely moving.  In Pineville we are beginning to experience some wind, but nothing major.  At this moment the winds are sustained at around 20 mph.  We are located approximately 170 miles from the coast, but should begin experiencing the effects of the storm either tomorrow or Sunday.

We still have power and we have supplies which is comforting.

Thank you for the emails and we will keep everyone updated as the storm progresses.



11 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence Update: Pineville, NC

      1. It’s still sunny here with rain supposed to start late this afternoon. Flooding isn’t a big worry here on the plateau. The Cullasaja River can handle a lot of water with a 2,000 foot drop from here to Franklin. They might have some problems. The real worries are down trees if the wind is bad, and landslides.

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