20 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/14/18

    1. Ditto. Where I live in Texas, it’s just not set up for even the slightest rain. There is simply no real drainage. If it rains even a couple of inches the whole city starts to flood. It’s extremely dangerous and very scary because it really does accumulate so quickly. Flood warnings are a common occurrence during storm season. AND that’s just a little flooding! I can’t even imagine being in a real flood.

      1. It’s horrible. I hope you never do. I’ve never seen or smelled anything quite like New Orleans after the water finally receded….and I hope I never do again. 😳

  1. I think it might be to be in the path of a fast moving fire such as the recent ones in California. On the other hand, a big tsunami could be if you were stuck in a traffic jam trying to get away from the beach.

  2. Easy answer for me personally, earthquake. The idea of the earth opening up and swallowing you is way too scary for me. I’ve been in floods, and a couple of tornadoes and plenty of blizzards.

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