No Meat and I Feel Absolutely Amazing

No Meat and I Feel Absolutely Amazing


No Meat and I Feel Absolutely Amazing

On August 15 I made a snap decision to stop eating meat.  No cows, no chickens, no turkeys, no pigs and no fish.  I had always thought it would be difficult to quit eating animals, but it has not been difficult at all.  As a matter of fact I have not craved meat one time.  It eat Nugo bars to help with protein intake and I eat a lot of green beans, lima beans, spinach, a few salads and some mashed potatoes.

Evelina is now using veggie only recipes and last week we had zucchini boats using Boca, mozzarella cheese and a little marinara sauce.  They were awesome and incredibly tasty.

I haven’t noticed an increase in energy, but I also haven’t noticed a decrease in energy which is actually important to me considering I live with MS and UC (both have fatigue as a major side effect).  I always feared that eliminating meat would cause me to suffer more fatigue, but such has not been the case.

I will say that I feel as though I get a full stomach the right way.  I can eat a huge portion of green beans and limas and it only adds up to around 150 calories.  I’m trying to avoid salads because the dressings are so high in calories.  Also, the fact that I’m also avoiding sugar and sugary drinks allows me to eat 8 servings of vegetables per day.   Considering the average American eats fewer than 3 servings per week, I think this decision will eventually make me healthier and will be better for me.

I’m still surprised at how easy the transition has been.  Philosophically I think all animals have souls so this also keeps me from adding to the abuse animals experience being treated like a product instead of a creature.  I will admit I feel awful for the years of eating meat, but I digress.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and stay safe if you are in the path of Florence.



18 thoughts on “No Meat and I Feel Absolutely Amazing

  1. Don’t count calories, that is so old school. Go by the merit of the food. 100 calories of lima beans is vastly superior to 100 calorie chocolate bar. This is why I hate the words “low fat.” It doesn’t make sense. I eat a lot of fat and burn weight like crazy. I can have three avocados and coconuts in one day and the scale won’t move. You can also have a salad and make your own dressing.

    1. I have to count calories to make sure I am eating enough. I don’t eat any junk food so I don’t have to worry about the merit of food issue. But I do need to provide my body with enough fuel.

  2. Great decision and commitment to it help a great deal. 30 years have gone by since I decided to go off soft drinks of all kind. I never missed them and still don’t and I feel absolutely great.

  3. Great job. Eliminating dairy will make you feel even better—that’s been my experience anyway. A little lemon and lime juice on your salads makes a great dressing.

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