32 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/15/18

  1. Do I have phobias? Me the person with OCD! Of course I have phobias. One of them is walking on grass barefoot. I freak out the minute my bare feet touch grass. Why? I’m afraid a worm, a slug, a caterpillar or even a bug will touch my feet! Lol. I also have a phobia of using a public restroom. There aren’t enough liners to get this girl to touch the seat. I squat and I aim as best as I can. Germs freak me out but even worse my phobia is there might be crabs crawling on the seat. Lastly I am hesitant about eating other people’s food. Especially at a potluck. You never know what germs one might pick up. Danny I’m
    A complete mess!! Lol

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