ManyFest Meanderings

Dining with Donald

Last week marked the annual return of ManyFest, Winnipeg’s big donwtown festival, highlighted by Winnipeg’s Food Truck Wars. This is the first year in a few that i haven’t really taken in much ot the festival. Usually I find it a good place and time to check out the food trucks I’ve heard about but haven’t yet had the chance to visit. However, a combination of bad weather and a busier church schedule meant I only spent a little time aound the festival.

ManyFest Sweet Bourbon The Sweet Bourbon Adult Icre Cream from Trendy Treats/

ManyFest Friday Night

I left work a little early on Friday night so that I could get down to ManyFest before the majority of the crowds showed up. If you read this site regularly, you’ll have read about my great dislike of line-ups. I started off my evening with coffee at Fools and Horses. Fools and…

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