These Are Just a Few of the Pet Peeves I Hate

These Are Just a Few of the Pet Peeves I Hate


These Are Just a Few of the Pet Peeves I Hate…

I try not to use the word hate, but in this instance it is accurate because it is aimed at actions not people.  At any rate, here are a few of my pet peeves…

  1.  Waving people on in traffic instead of just following the rules of the road.  When it is my turn to go, I will go.  When it is your turn to go, you go.  You are not doing me a favor by waving me on.  You are actually creating unnecessary chaos.  The rules of the road are in place so you don’t have to hand signal someone to take action.
  2. Talking on the phone when checking-out at a store.  I find it incredibly rude to continue a conversation on the phone while checking out at a store.  Show respect to the cashier and give them your undivided attention.
  3. Not returning an email the same day.  We live in a world in which information is so readily available and most often available on the mobile device that we carry in our pockets.  It takes 30 seconds to respond to most emails, not 24 hours.
  4. Entering a building through the exit door.  This absolutely drives me crazy.  The door on the right is for entry.  The door on the left is for those exiting.  USE THE APPROPRIATE DOOR!
  5. Leaving the shopping buggy/trolley in the parking lot instead of returning it to the cart return.  No elaboration needed.
  6. The use of velvet hangars.
  7. Laundry that is left sitting in the dryer instead of immediately folded.

These are a few of my pet peeves.  Leave me some of your peeves in the comments.



32 thoughts on “These Are Just a Few of the Pet Peeves I Hate

  1. I can understand why they irk you.
    I think it is rude of people getting on the bus and continuing their phone conversation……The bus driver says ‘ good morning’, and they completely ignore the driver.
    People standing in groups in the middle of the supermarkets isle or walk way in the shopping centre chatting with their mates.
    I am learning to try and just not notice these people so it doesn’t upset my day 🙂 🙂

  2. Re: #4 – The super Walmart I go to has the ENTER on the left and EXIT on the right. It just feels wrong. The reason seems to be that the check-outs are to the right of the entrance as you face the building, so it avoids the in and out traffic crossing, but it still feels wrong.

  3. When you are having a meal with someone and they begin texting another person. Ugh! Drives me Crazy!!
    When customer service people don’t say hello, or thank you. That has always been a pet peeve of mine. When they don’t say hello, I become that overly friendly, “Hi how has your day been going” just to make them acknowledge me.

  4. That laundry one drives me nuts. Who does that? Now velvet hangers are another matter. Women have tops that have tiny straps sometimes and the velvet keeps them from slipping off the hanger. But I draw a hard line at wire hangers.

  5. No. 4 drives me bananas. And while we are talking about entering and exiting, if there is 1 door, let people exit first, before you enter.
    As far as the carts in the parking lot are concerned – I was the same way. It irritated me terribly. I’d always put mine away. But then, I found out that that is actually a welcomed break by the employees. Instead of doing other hard labor, they have an excuse to go collect carts, and they can slow down, take a few deep breaths, etc. So now, if there are parking booths for the carts, I put them away. If no, then I leave them in hopes to make someone’s life easier?

  6. You had me in your corner, on your side right up until the last one about laundy…LOL if I don’t re-dry it at least 3 times, it’s not done. Family of 7, no it takes awhile. Usually each person will just use the dryer for a drawer and take their clothes from that. I do the best I can :))))

  7. Agree, especially # 2 # 3 # 5

    People using their phone at store checkouts, eating out, walking and yes, even driving. I have had to swerve out of the way of on coming cars. All I see is the top of their head, then when they look up…with their phone in their hand they stick their middle finger up like I shouldnt be in the way.

      1. Yes, I agree but then I don’t get many emails these days. I usually act on writing related or household utilities related. I gave up sending emails to family they NEVER answered. They say emails are out dated.

        Oh, wait. Did you send me an email?

        Sometime I accidently trash an email when I mean to save it.

  8. Number 1 for sure because half the time the person can’t see you waving them on because of the glare on the windshield, and then everyone just sits there all confused! Number 6, I don’t understand. I use “velvet” type hangers because they stop my silky tops from sliding off!

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