Hurricane Florence Update 2: Pineville, NC

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Quite a few people have emailed asking if Evelina and I were safe so I thought I’d post a quick update.

It is still raining heavy and steady.  The winds are picking up considerably at around 25 mph.  We have not had damage nor have we lost power (knock on wood), but the creeks and drains are all maxed out and I fear flooding is inevitable.

This morning I drove to our local bakery and decided to explore a bit to see how the rest of town looks.  The roads are passable, but I can see that changing by tomorrow.  I’ve never seen this much rain for such as extended period of time.

Monday and Tuesday will reveal a lot as the water from the mountains fill the remainder of the waterways.

For now all is well and hope you are safe in your part of the world.



12 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence Update 2: Pineville, NC

  1. With the amount of rain this storm is dropping, flooding is inevitable in a lot of places. I hope your place stays above the waterline. This morning, up here, we still have just light rain and low wind, but heavier is on the way.

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