Do You Think It Is Time For Me To Build an Ark?

Do You Think It Is Time For Me To Build an Ark?


Do You Think It Is Time For Me To Build an Ark?

Hurricane Florence dumped over 12 inches of rain on us in a 24 hour period, but we are alive and well.  Flooding in our area was minimal and we only lost 1 tree, which surprised me.  In all my life I have never experienced rain quite like that and I hope I never do again.

The storm has moved north of Charlotte leaving us with a slight chance of thunderstorms this afternoon.  My coworkers and friends in Wilmington and New Bern are not so fortunate.  It is still raining there and flood waters have cut both cities off from rescue workers.  I hope everyone is safe.

In some ways I think we would have been better off with the powerful winds of a fast-moving hurricane than the rains associated with a storm only moving 5 mph.  The rain has been simply devastating for North Carolina.  Fayetteville, Kinston, Jacksonville, New Bern and Wilmington are all experiencing flooding.

I did not get a chance to build my ark before the storm decided to move north so maybe next time.  Please have a safe Monday and considering donating water and supplies to help these good people.



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  1. Glad to see that you’re ok 🙂 I have to check on some friends who live in Wilmington. They used to live in Burlington last time I visited them, but I just found out that they moved to the coast since then…

  2. Good to know you are ok. I left Tryon on Saturday and headed west to the I75 to get home. I thought being further west , despite being a longer route, would be better weather and I was right. So now I’m home. WEG was wonderful despite heat and humidity and a debacle with the Endurance and also the weather forced the cancellation of the final dressage competition but it was still excellent.

    1. I am curious to hear your comments considering Tryon had such limited time to prepare. I read your post and saw the issue with bathrooms, but how was the overall facility? I know a couple restaurants were not finished.

      1. I only ate in the media center as this was provided and was good. I saw there were other restaurants but didn’t go into them. There was also a general store which b was useful. The bathroom was not really an issue as they had plenty of porta-loos located everywhere. They were still working to finish and tidy up things but for me the facility worked fine. The riders said the footing was great and I heard no complaints about stables. For me I’m not fussed about flower arrangements and decorative elements. The parking lot worked the shuttles to get to and from the lots worked , the media center was fully functional and the staff helpful. All the volunteers were pleasant. I think they did a great job as far as I was concerned.

      2. I have heard today from one of the Canadian team grooms that conditions for the grooms were dreadful; half an hour walk to the stables and the grooms do an early morning feed and a late night check, the food catering was also very poor for them and often insufficient . Worst of all they had to sleep in an RV designed for two people with four people. One had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor, one in the upper bunk bed and two in the lower bunk bed. Grooms are so important to the success of the horse and rider it is a shame that it was like this. The groom I spoke with has done WEG and Olympics previously and said this was the worst experience.

      3. Wow. I feared that things like this might happen. I thought Tryon would be good looking on the outside, but probably missing some details behind the curtain.

      4. However since I put up a blog post about grooms as the Unsung Heroes I did get a reply on Facebook that said the jumping grooms were ok
        So they have improved things.

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