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  1. We used have the annual Tobacco Festival in October. It had been an annual thing for 70+ years. In these parts, tobacco was king. But, when big tobacco died, farmers changed to other crops and the Tobacco Festival went away. That’s in the little rural town we live outside of now. Now, Louisville, though? Lord, there are festivals every weekend. The biggie is the St. James Court Art Fair on the 1st weekend in October. It’s crazy packed.

  2. The biggest event here is Cheyenne Frontier Days. It is in the summer. But every Friday night there is a small festival in the Depot downtown. It can be just music or chili cookoffs, etc. iIn CO we had the Olathe Corn festival and many near Denver, such as Octoberfest.

      1. I like seeing the familiar faces, winning stuff animals, the different rides to choose from, and most of all eating popcorn. Do you attend the same one or try to attend others as well?

  3. Not really but we have a strawberry festival in June. It used to be a local affair and not hundreds pf people come up from the city. There is also the Santa Claus parade. That’s about it.

  4. Spring time here in Brisbane . In Toowoomba here in Queensland they have ‘Carnival of the Flowers’ every September for a few days. Beautiful gardens and displays, lots of vibrant colours.

  5. The biggest festival of eastern India happens at fall…Durga Puja. My city Cuttack is special because the decorations, jewelleries and what we call as Medhas of godess Durga are made up of silver and gold.(Silver filigree is the foremost handicraft of my city). The entire city will be decorated with fairy lights and other things. Food, people, gatherings a week of holidays….it’s the best time of the year. Spring witnesses Holi, the festival of colours, if you’ve heard of, through out India.

      1. It is. Like for four days in our city everyone moves about and visits Durga Puja mandaps…the places where you know Goddess’s earthen replicas are erected and worshipped. Like in our city we have more than 300 such mandaps, not joking at all. It sort of becomes a happy competition that we all count how many we have visited among our friends. It coming in less than a month.

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