Behind the scenes at the WEG.


September 17. I woke up with a start. Yipes! 6:15 am already. No wait….where am I?  Oh, I’m back at home. I went back to sleep.  With the impending deluge of Florence’s aftermath I decided late Friday to head for home. So on Saturday morning I went to Tryon and gathered up my camera gear, had breakfast and hit the road choosing a more westerly route so as to avoid  the heavy rain that was forecast.

WEG 2018 was an amazing experience. There were some upsets: the course misdirection for the Endurance riders, the eventual cancellation of the Endurance competition. And then there was Florence. She did not make an appearance as a full fledged hurricane but she was still packing a wallop as she moved inexorably toward the WEG location. The WEG Media sent out regular emails to keep the accredited media  informed.  But as the weather forecast got…

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I graduated from UNC Charlotte with a BA in Religious History with an emphasis in early Christian origins. I have spent my adult life as an amateur philosopher and avid student of the academic side of Christian origins. My interest in philosophy has led me to observing human behavior, especially as it relates to personal fulfillment and achieving success. It is my mission to help dreamers understand how to become doers. By understanding a few universal principles those that wish, hope, dream, but never achieve can find the personal success they have always wanted.

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