43 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/19/18

  1. Put insurance and doctors and esp. doctors’ staff in check. Teach them what patient customer service and advocacy looks like. “You’re FIRED” would be said, with gusto, to several of them!

  2. If I could go back in time to being 21 I would pursue a career in an auction house like Christies or Sothebys. I would have already got a degree(s)in art history so I would be able to evaluate any art work or antiques etc that were brought in for auction and valuation. However, the fact of the matter is, I am now retired and have had two previous careers both of which I enjoyed and I now enjoy my retirement.

      1. Yay! Hehehehehe But if you decide to take it back (and I wouldn’t blame you) I would settle as being Mads Mikkelsen’s private cook, or private anything for that matter…. LOL

      1. Nope! I want to sing in the mic and dance with the other back up singers and just have a great time! It just looks like the most fun…of course I would like this to be done in sold-out arenas with lots of crowd energy. Think Rolling Stones or Aerosmith, or any other fun rock bands.

  3. It’s always been writing. When I was younger, I would daydream about going to New York to write for The New York Times or Rolling Stone Magazine. Maybe in time I can freelance for them. I have the rejection letter from the New York Times somewhere. Lol. I applied for an internship there when I was a college student. I get to write/blog for a little bit of money. I need to work on making it more profitable.

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