Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/20/18

How much of your success would attribute to you and how much comes down to who you know?

30 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/20/18

  1. Good question. In the case of success as it relates to my career, I wouldn’t be where I am today without other people/mentors helping me along the way. On two separate occasions in my almost 35 year tenure, I got the job because of who I knew. In both cases, I worked my butt off to prove I deserved to be there and deserved the promotion (as much as anyone can “deserve” anything). Knowing the person got me the job but I had to work to keep it and to excel at it.

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  2. Nothing I’ve ever accomplished has anything to do with who I’ve known. I suppose teachers and parents have influenced me, and taught me the particulars of life and my career choice. Still had to work my ass off though. I’ve never been handed squat, because I’m so-and-so’s nephew or anything like that, no.

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      • Well, I’m my field, there’s room for advancement in administration, like facility rehab director, regional rehab manager, and so on. I have zero interest in management. I love my patients and working with them daily. I didn’t pick this career to be behind a desk, looking st spreadsheets, or getting yelled at by the middle Mgmt one rung higher than me. I got my degree, I got certified and licensed, renew my license yearly, and work as a staff OT. Didn’t need to know anybody to do any of that. Now, do I learn from Co workers? Sure. Do I network in order to hear about potential job openings or opportunities? Sure. Do I need to “know” someone to do any of that? Nope.

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  3. It seems like I always have to prove myself with my work ethic or skills. I know people that can supposedly help me but it’s really only once in a great while that they’ll actually help me with something like getting a job. People are all talk usually. It’s sometimes hard to take them seriously so I rarely do. Lol. Sometimes they will do me a favor but not all of the time.

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  4. 🦋 Once upon a time…and not so long ago, I would have said 90 – 100% came down to me.
    Now, it’s just plain too difficult. I learn to seek out others who want to assist and are able to achieve things I can’t do anymore.
    This has often made me feel guilty but when you see how others can help just by doing what they do well and allow them to do what they do best, so I can conscentrate on other things that matter most, such as family then I feel more affective in what I can do.
    Perhaps one day I will be able to say, 60/40% 50/50% or even 40/60% where I will be comfortable with others and me working together to attribute to my success.

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  5. I would say that where I am at this time, most of it is down to my mental health problems. The fact I am stubborn, so most has been down to me. But I would say that I have had help along the way, but again I wouldn’t of gotten that help, if I didn’t have mental health problems.

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