10 Reasons You Might Be Failing to Achieve Your Goals


“Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed” – Robert Kiyosaki 

Several years ago while I was in the University, majority of my friends informed me they were planning to move into a new hostel that was nearing completion, starting the next academic session.

I love the idea and fantasized what it would look like staying in a brand new hostel with all the functional amenities in place, unlike the dilapidated old residence we were occupying at the time. However, there was a sore point for me – finance. My parents had always struggled to get my school fees paid on time and I barely managed to get by on meals, books and other basic things I needed as a student. So, I figured being a new hostel, the price was going to be slightly higher than what I was already struggling to pay. By the time students…

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