ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Fourteen

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Isaac and the others ran around a corner and stopped. Isaac slowly raised his hands apologetically. Brenda was pointing her Beretta M9 at them, looking scared and tense. “Sorry for scaring you,” Isaac said quietly. Brenda lowered her weapon and exhaled.

“No. I’m sorry. With all this and Jake…” she trailed off, turning away to hide tears that were welling up. Isaac understood how she felt, but the feeling to urgently leave welled up even more. Brenda turned to him and said, “I have a feeling that we need to leave. Someone please help me carry Jake. My shoulders are not in condition.”

Isaac motioned at two of the others to go help carry Jake.


“Saul, what is our ETA?” Mary enquired as she stood at the controls. Saul Collins had taken over for Kyen.

“We are half an hour from…

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