32 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/23/18

      1. It’s a combo of not liking the taste of pumpkin stuff and the annoyance of seeing and hearing about it everywhere. Just not a fan, while millions of others evidently lose their minds for it. 😃

      1. Whitener-a substance that makes something white or whiter. It is also known as ‘Correction Pen’ and it is specially used by students to correct their mistakes. It makes the work look neat. Instead of striking the word you can use this.

  1. I agree with sonofabeach….pumpkin stuff. This time of year everything is pumpkin flavored, pumpkin scented. The actual pumpkin has little odor at all so this a synthetic fabricated pumpkin smell.

  2. Floral candles or bath soap/shampoo…lotion. Eck. I just can’t stand that fake flowery smell. Also any laundry soap/dryer sheets that leave a smell on your clothes after they are clean and dry. Nope.

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