Carving out Spaces that are too small to fit into.

Lifting Taboos

relief-2457742_960_720It is so easy to brainwash our kids into behaving either the way we were raised or the way we want them to be raised. It is even easier to do when they are little kids. We create little mini versions of ourselves who wind up walking, talking, eating and even shitting the way we do.

In adoption however, our kids come to us with both literal and hypothetical suitcases. They come to us already with a way of doing things whether that means from an orphanage, a group home, another foster home, or straight from their first parents. So trying to “force” them into little mini molds of ourselves can lead to some serious consequences.

I was adopted into a very strange household. My adoptive mother had a husband and also a lover living under the same roof. I came to the home and was immediately made to become…

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