24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/24/18

  1. I can’t say because I don’t really know. As kids we are taught that there is no such thing as ghosts. If you cannot see something then that thing doesn’t exist.
    But then our society teaches us that even though you cannot see god, he is there, alright. So won’t the same theory apply for ghosts/God too? I am way beyond confused.

    I just believe that all these things our vibes and feelings.(If I go on talking about them,then this topic would never end)

    Danny, some of your questions compel me to think deep.(And I mean it in a good way)

  2. No. I know of no process on the natural world (i.e.: physics, chemistry, etc.) that could explain consciousness without a physical embodiment. If ever such a process is discovered, I am willing to stand corrected. “Supernatural” is a null term. If a thing exists or an event happens, then it is natural and the regularities that describe and govern it and allow it to be predicted can be discovered. However, they do make handy elements of interesting stories and myths, which can be very useful.

      1. I stayed in a hotel in Charleston SC and there was a spirit in the room with me. I couldn’t sleep. I had to leave.
        A friend of mine died in bad circumstances, he came to visit me.

  3. Yep…my Grandmother who was a devout Christian and the sweetest little old lady you would ever meet had quite the story to tell after my oldest brother passed away. They were both very close. She never raised her voice. She always wore a dress. She never drank, smoked or swore. She never lied. I have complete trust in what she said and one of the events was even witnessed by my grandfather. Basically, it had to do with the cross that had been on my brother’s coffin falling off the wall just as she was saying her prayers and asking God to watch over her grandchildren. Happened three times and the last time she said she called out my brother’s name for scaring her, as in “Michael John don’t do that!”, and it never happened again. I believe he was letting her know that he was still around in spirit. ❤️❤️❤️

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