Determination (Is that all you need?)

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This morning I attended the Peter Pan Parkrun and seem to have a problem getting sub 23 minutes for a 5K, but that’s not a lack of determination or is it? I have felt under attack recently by the sub 23 minutes they have clamoured at me, similar to the peasants with their pitchforks outside Dr Frankenstein’s castle (remember that scene)  But this morning I found a little peace because I met Jo Pavey .

Of course you may not know who she is? Jo was the first British runner and the only track athlete to compete at five Olympic Games, but in 2014 at the age of 40 years 325 days she won the European Gold medal in the 10,000 metres (worth watching here) that was eleven months after giving birth. Now that is determination. The thing is and I mean no offence, if you saw her shopping in Lidl…

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