The O.C.D. : “Obsessive Compulsive Dad”

The Notebook Collector


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – is a condition wherein a person experiences anxiety that gives him/her feelings, thoughts, sensations (obsessions) and makes the person commit certain actions repetitively.

Do you know that God is diagnosed with this?

You think it’s a crazy idea? Do you think that this condition is not normal? Well…not really… only …supernatural!

On one Sunday sermon, the speaker described God as a “crazy God”…an “obsessed God”, others laughed. Why? Sounds like a crazy idea? It is not, it is a fact. In fact, it is the truth! Who else like GOD, the Creator, the Father? Who else can do what He has done?

He created us into His likeness to be His children. You and me are His creations. This gives GOD the full right of ownership over those He created. He owns us…but not only once when he made us. He owned us twice!


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