Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/26/18

Why does it seem that time moves at a faster rate as you get older?

26 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 9/26/18

  1. As we get older, we see the shortness of time. When we are young, there are not many responsibilities, we find time goes slowly as we wait for certain milestones. When we get older, we have experienced many things. Family and friends pass away unexpectedly, children, grow up, sickness comes, there are many responsibilities and time flies. Our perspective changes as we experience life and see its shortness. The very young mostly live outside of time restraints and major responsibilities.

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  2. Ha well I’ve given this some thought over the years. My theory is that when I was a kid I played for maybe an hour then thought of another game. So I lived hour to hour or maybe day to day. Then when you’re older the idiots come along asking you what you think you’ll be doing in 5 years (OMG the 5 year plan)The facilitation of life means you end up planning months/years in advance. Maybe?? 😜

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      • I’m guessing it’s similar to how things used to be so huge to us when we were younger too. I recently visited a building that I haven’t seen in over 30 years and it looks so much smaller than I remember. Time seems to take so long when you’re a kid because you’re so little and you’re not bogged down with adult issues or the pressure that adults experience.

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  3. 🦋 I think other factors need to be taken into account.

    It seems that way to me right now but this time last year I just arrived home from hospital and rehab after two major back surgeries. Before that, doctors kept fobbing me off until I became vertually a cripple. I had been in pain for two years. That two years felt like an eternity. Every day dragged on and on. Nights were the worst.

    Now, I’m well most days and so busy I forget what day it is and wonder where the past week went.

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